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My Old Jeep V. Alexander Cullen was born in Oklahoma. His father was a career military officer and his family moved frequently. His father was always fascinated with the Pawn Shop business and when his father retired he purchased a small shop in Hampton, Virginia. Alexander, after being laid off from a factory job, went to work with his father in 1979. He and his Dad worked well together and he quickly learned how to be a Pawnbroker. He managed his Dad’s store for several years and his father’s business grew quickly. During this time, he went to school to learn jewelry repair. He became the shop’s jewelry expert and did all the shop’s jewelry repair, stone mounting and ring sizing. Alexander eventually opened and operated two of his own Pawn Shops and also expanded his business interests into real estate. He bought the shopping center in which his first shop was located and other properties. Alexander is now retired from the business. His favorite remark about the business is “It always amazed me to see the treasures folks brought to me and were willing exchange them for paper money.”

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