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Why Is Russia Buying So Much Gold?

Maybe they are just hedging their bets.

“Russia and China have been vocal for some time about their desire to increase their gold holdings and move away from the U.S. dollar.”


“A Great Big Coup Is On The Way”

“This is a history-shattering development, but don’t tell the boys and girls and robo-machines on Wall Street.

Pathetically, they still think it’s game on.

So if there was ever a time to take advantage of the day traders and robo-machines which linger in the casino, now would be the occasion to sell, sell, sell. Once the breakdown starts there will be no respite from the implosion.”

I agree.


Hope for the Best but Prepare for the Worst

“Daniel Marburger, CEO of European coin dealer CoinInvest, told Bloomberg that he had just finished working with a German customer whose bank account was charged negative interest rates. To prevent this from happening again, the customer converted his cash into gold and silver, which he sees as a more reliable store of value.”

Makes sense to me.


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