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This says it all…”An ounce of gold on April 27, 2001 was valued at $264. On April 24, 2017, the price of gold was about $1,277.”

Cashless Society Getting Closer

And the noose tightens. I paid my mechanic yesterday with cash, mostly hundred-dollar bills. Before doing so I asked him, jokingly of course, “Do you still take cash.” . He smiled and said “Yes but most of my customers, about 90 percent, pay with a credit card.”. He explained that most auto repairs are an unexpected expense. If it weren’t for credit cards, many Americans would be walking because they have no cash reserves.

Germany Gets the ‘Wrong Suitcase’ While Repatriating Its Gold Reserves From US

Very interesting. “According to┬áthe economist, the gold bars that Bundesbank repatriated have different labels.” What? Did they remove the swastikas?


Price of Gold Spikes as Investors Get Spooked by Talk of World War III and Nuclear Conflict

Gold is an “emotional” metal.


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