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Cash, Freedom and Gold

This came from the Bundesbank? Odd to see such truth from such a source.

And that’s why you see a resurgence in gold. The more they move to negative rates, the more gold is gonna take off because there’s no carrying cost.

Let’s face it, it’s really all about control.


Yellen Doesn’t Rule Out Negative Rates

I translate “doesn’t rule out” to mean, it will happen soon.

Digital Fiat Currency

These kinds of articles can give us insight into the minds of the Financial Elite.

” The event was kept secret so executives could freely share nascent ideas and take risks.”

Sounds innocent enough I suppose. We wanted everyone free to be themselves.

“U.S. dollars, or any other fiat currency”

It’s nice to know that they recognize that paper currency is “fiat”.

Will “Digital” currency be less fiat?

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