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Be Prepared

Like Duh.

Finally, some good advice coming from Wall Street.

A supply of  Food, a little Gold and Silver would also be good. Bug out bags are great but “bug out” to where? Have a place to go and a plan to get there. He also mentions trusted armed neighbors. There is safety in numbers. Plan for more than just 72 hours. After all, “financial apocalypse” could last for years.


Market Manipulation

I believe the banks are manipulating the markets to there own advantage!

Secret Currency Trading

Gold and Silver Price Manipulation

We live in a Lawless World.

Is China Attacking the Dollar?

From John McTernan’s Insights

Financial Armageddon

“There are huge shifts coming in the world economy with China leading the way. China is setting the stage to crush the dollar and the American economy. China’s war with America appears to have started and it is with the economy.

China is literally buying up the world’s gold supply. This is because the world paper currency is about to collapse and China will have the gold for reserve!

The US has illegally suppressed the price of gold, so China is now buying up the gold at bargain prices! The sad “joke” is on America and the West. America is giving China the “rope to hang us”.”

So why do the Chinese keep on buying gold when the price is still falling? 12/03/13

China plan to quit dollar infuriates US: Analyst 12/01/13


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