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Russia Overtakes China in Gold Reserves Race to End US Dollar Dominance

In the Era of digital money I always find articles like this interesting.


Rising Debt: The Main Reason Why the Dollar Will Fall and Gold Will Rise

This is simple logic.



This is a cold hard unemotional look at something that causes tremendous human suffering. Any type of inflation is theft.



The Powers that be want a cashless society.


Germany Had a Strong Motive to Bring Home Its Precious Metal Holdings

Does this mean something is about to happen?

“Germany could be preparing for a specific crisis.”

Gold is Still the “Star of the Commodities Universe”

I have always considered Gold primarily as a form of insurance and then as an investment.


Jim Rogers says the ‘biggest crisis in his life’ is less than a year away

I have a hard time trusting anyone who associates with George Soros but his observations make sense.

Greenspan and the Bubble

This old man is spry at 91 years of age and full of wisdom.

A Mini Gold Rush Has Descended On Northern California

Makes me want to grab a pan and “head for them thar hills”.


Why Is Russia Buying So Much Gold?

Maybe they are just hedging their bets.

“Russia and China have been vocal for some time about their desire to increase their gold holdings and move away from the U.S. dollar.”


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